Beginner Bug Bounty Guide - Part 7

Bugs that we can find via Recon?

  1. Sensitive endpoints
  • API that are hidden/testing purpose, which leak sensitive data.
  • Storage bucket with improper permissions having write, add, delete permission to public.
  • Endpoints which gives log information. (this may require you to file/directory bruteforce).
  • Development, Testing, UAT, QA, Staging, etc URLs. These environment are relatively less secure.
  • Sensitive File exposure: Backup files, config files, file system accessible via URLs etc.
  • Companies generally patch the critical assets quickly as compared to non-critical, and would sometime may result in a publicly access service unpatched.
  • Running a simple vulnerability scan like nuclei, nikto, burp, we can identify low hanging bugs, which may give up high bounty.
  • useful documentation, API documentation (like simply search the complete document for command, os, run, execute, etc keywords).
  • You may find router, switch, etc console.
  • The user may set trivial username and password, like admin:pass




Learner. Curious about Security

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Takshil Patil

Takshil Patil

Learner. Curious about Security

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