File and Directory Bruteforcing

Some common feroxbuster switches

./feroxbuster --threads 4 --scan-limit 2 --rate-limit 2
./feroxbuster --threads 2--scan-limit 4 --rate-limit 2


Important Note: The goal is to get “more” hidden files, if there are any, and not to complete the scan. You can now know what file names the developer has given. Instead of simply waiting for scan to finish which could take lot of hours, you can always invest time in other webapps or webpages for “hanging fruits”. File/Directory bruteforcing is a “long shot”, it is not a given that it will always be useful. You should run file/directory bruteforcing as a “parallel” activity (means you are not waiting for it to finish, and, if it does not get anything it will not affect other activities).

./feroxbuster --url --wordlist index_wordlist.txt --threads 2 --scan-limit 4 --extensions EXTENSIONS
feroxbuster --url --wordlist PathToSecLists/Discovery/Web-Content/raft-medium-directories.txt --threads 2 --scan-limit 4
feroxbuster --url --wordlist PathToSecLists/Discovery/Web-Content/raft-medium-files.txt --threads 2 --scan-limit 4
feroxbuster --url --wordlist FullUrlWordList.txt --threads 2 --scan-limit 4



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