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  • What will happen if the power goes off? UPS backup.
  • What will happen if you want to scale your setup? Server rack vs Blade Server
  • Normal Internet vs Dedicated Lease line? Reliability
  • Security? The server will be public exposed
  • Static vs Dynamic IP?
  • Backup, RAID, NAS setup? I will definitely need this.

Blade servers and Rack servers

Ref : https://www.racksolutions.com/news/data-center-optimization/blade-server-vs-rack-server/

  • CPU scalable
  • GPU scalable
  • Hard Disk scalable
  • Backup of all data.


  1. And I don’t want to create a mining setup due to many reasons like want setup to be organized, portable as it will be in my home.
  2. So I will be going with creating a non-scalable, independent CPU, I will scale hard disk organized in rack. The rack will be just for organizing and not for scaling.
  3. GPU currently is not a concern, I will only use it to play games.
  4. 1 rack-mounted UPS for each server. And configuration will be normal shutdown in case power goes off.
  5. Normal Internet, as it will be cost effective and my expectation are not that strict.
  6. SSD (Up to 2TB) for running applications / VM.
  7. Using unraid HDD setup to have backup and redundancy of data. I will not prefer NAS, as it will add extra on my budget, as unraid will perform NAS function.
  8. Install a high-end CPU (not more than 16 core) to future proof.
  9. Ensure that all Ethernet ports are 10Gb ports, including switch, etc so that there is not bottleneck in internet speed.
  10. I have not planned for static IP or VPN or any security. If I want everything to be anonymous, I will be definitely using a VPN + Added security. If I want everything to be transparent, then there will be a different setup for that.
  11. High end graphic card, in case I require to crack hash.

Cost Estimates (INR)

I would need 6,00,000 Rs (~8,000$)

  • 1,00,000 = graphics card
  • 50,0000= Motherboard
  • 78,000 = AMD 5960X CPU
  • 1,00,000 = AMD Radeon™ RX 6900 XT GPU
  • 40,000 = 2TB NVME SSD PCIE gen 4
  • 55,000 = HDD4x4 NAS with 72000 RPM (ignore TB/year for now)
  • 26,000 = Simple rack (medium 600x700)
  • 40,000 = Rack mount server chassis
  • 11,000 = Liquid Cooling
  • 11,000 = Power supply 850 W
  • 35,000 = Rack mount UPS
  • Yearly cost of hosting and Internet connection



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