Deploy Self hosted interactsh-server for Blind & Out of Band Testing

Why I needed to build a OOB Testing server

Step 1: Create AWS EC2 server — free tier

Specifications (already there in main reference) :

An Important instruction about this AWS elastic IPs

Step 2: Buy Domain Name

Buy using freenom (worked like a charm for me)

Important: Please buy a new domain. Personally, I have faced a lot of problems (time consuming) when you update your existing bought domains.

Step 3: Allow the required ports

AWS Security Group of your instance.

Step 4: Configuring the interactsh server side on the AWS Ubuntu machine

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade
go install -v
sudo -i
interactsh-server -domain -ip -wildcard -sa -ldap
interactsh server side

Step 5: Verify if your DNS records are updated

success screenshot

Step 6: Configuring the interactsh client side on any machine where you want to see your ouput.

go install -v
interactsh-client -s -t ga60d6sometauthenticationtoken8939b226501f774a

Step 7: Validate the setup

success screenshot

Step 8: Stopping the interactsh-server

stopping interactsh-server



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